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These pages contains all kinds of crap and is the website of Knas, possibly one of the most unknown names in contemporary audio equipment.

It is also a container of information on my repair business as well as a bunch of old (and new?) Synth DIY stuff i've made - don't expect anything in this domain to be done, be working or have a proper documentation, though feel free to e-mail me if you wonder about anything and i'll try and answer promptly;

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7 May 2014 - BAD NEWS! The Polygamist is no more .. :(
I have decided to discontinue the Ekdahl Polygamist until further notice. It breaks my fucking heart, but i see no alternative. Long story short, the Polygamist in its current form is much too complicated to build, takes too long, have too many things that can go wrong with it, is nowhere near generating enough cash - and all this, makes it infuriatingly frustrating to build. Nevertheless, there might be another Ekdahl Polygamist in the future if i can change production methods. Sorry to disappoint, but nobody's as disappointed as me :(

27 Mar 2014 - UPDATES
So, as someone pointed out i've been quite lax on updating this site/blog BUT i'm around and going STRONG! The website definitely needs to be updated, but please check out my facebook page for current updates - updating several places is getting to be a severe headache..

3 Nov 2012 - New from K-Wax: Clark Eggdoll - Synthesizer Freaque

21 Sep 2012 -
Go here for the official page


27 Jun 2012 -

The Polygamist is *almost* done and will make it's debut in the wild tomorrow at the Control Voltage Faire in New York City. The fair is located at Seaport, 210 Front Street, and goes from 3pm - 8pm (www.harvestworks.org/control-voltage-faire-concert/) - swing by and poke at it.


26 Jan 2012 - Beta 2 is getting closer...

Beta 2 is working to 95%, apart from a few minor bugs there's only one major function that's not operational yet.


21 Jan 2012 - New boards for Beta 2 of the new synth arrived!

The new boards for the upcoming Knas synth just arrived, big enough for you? Beta 2 and hopefully the final version - here we go! As should be quite evident, the synth has been delayed even more, i'm hoping it will be released within 1-2 months.


27 Oct 2011 - Knas offers his sympathies to the Occupy Oakland
Knas offers his sympathies to the Occupy Oakland movement, the recent events that has transpired on behalf of the local authorities is unacceptable and rather then deter you from future action i wish that it will strengthen your determination to continue fighting for social justice.

17 Oct 2011 - More video of what's to come


29 Sep 2011 - Make some NOISE
Knas supports all of the efforts of Occupy Wall Street and affiliated actions and encourages its customers & supporters to do what you do best; MAKE SOME FUCKING NOISE, except this time do it in the streets instead of your studio

8 Sep 2011 - The new Knas synth Beta is more or less completely working
for a more detailed taste of what this thing can do, go to www.soundcloud.com/knas-1/

25 Aug 2011 - it has begun
video for all


28 Jul 2011 - Paypal e-mail now defunct
The old paypal e-mail for knas is now defunct and i can't receive any money or e-mails via that address. Please contact me via the address given on the website for now.

20 Jul 2011 - Exciting things are in the loop
Knas is soon to start beta testing of a new upcoming product, i'm not quite ready to spill the beans on it yet but keep your eyes peeled 'cause this thing is a monster and by far the most ambitious project i have ever embarked on... also since i rarely have any actual news to talk about i'm just going to start promoting random shit here that i like

20 Dec 2010 - Moisturizer Mods!
I finally put up some mods for the Ekdahl Moisturizer, been wanting to do this for a long time! Check it out at http://www.knasmusic.com/products/moisturizer/modifications.php and make sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page!

3 Dec 2010 - The Quad Massager is DONE
There will be 10 units made to begin with, these MIGHT be done before christmas - probably but no promises. Shoot me an e-mail to order one now! Price is $450.

26 Nov 2010 - Bonk!

Someone brought me this moisturizer, it's believed to have been run over by a forklift. Funny thing is that the machine was still 100% functional!


16 Sep 2010 - Quad Massager final beta?
So... i think i've finally nailed all the issues in the Alpha of the Quad Massager and after some Quadrophonic space jams in my basement i think i'm ready to make what i hope to be the final Beta - hence the production unit - of the Quad Massager!

28 Apr 2010 - Working on new things and updates....
Recently i've been taking a break from the Moisturizer production and been working on both new things as well as making a new version of the Moisturizer that's going to be faster to produce. No worries - the new version isn't supposed to sound anything different from the original. I'm also working on a new website that's hopefully a little bit more informative then the old one, right now i'm just battling CSS-problems with different browsers.

25 Jan 2010 - A few testimonials and videos added to the site
.. if you haven't seen, at the official website

3 Dec 2009 - Whoops forgot
..obviously, the new pricing will not affect anyone who's already payed the deposit for a Moisturizer while the old price was in action.

3 Dec 2009 - New economy, new Moisturizer price
Regrettably, i have to raise the price of The Ekdahl Moisturizer to $US400. This is not only a survival tactic but something i've deemed necessary after slowly learning how to run a business and all the freaking expenses involved with it. It sucks, but it's life - hopefully it won't discourage you good folks who like The Ekdahl Moisturizer from spending your good money on me ('cause i sure can need it!).

29 Nov 2009 - Ekdahl Moisturizer Commercial
Made by Miguel Sabogal, starring Nicolette Le Faye - and of course the Ekdahl Moisturizer!

23 Oct 2009 - The next product [censored] is in it's first prototyping stage!
Spent some time this week prototyping the new Knas product! Don't wanna spill the beans on what it is just yet but i can say that this is more of an effects unit only, it's however going to be just like the Ekdahl Moisturizer in the sense that it's going to range from being "normal" and "useful" to sound completely retarded/noisy/chaotic. It's - of course - also gonna have tons of fun CV ins and outs.

23 Oct 2009 - Finally got more parts after some supplier delays
I finally have parts to continue the Moisturizer adventure, had a slight pause of a week and a half in the building process but next week it's starting up again. Gotta say tho it was nice to chill for a second..