Repairs of KNAS products
Please check the "common problems"-section for any issues with your KNAS product and if you can't solve your problem that way please contact me at .

Repairs of other stuff
I do not currently accept any repair jobs, i could however possibly help (for free) via e-mail. I'm also always interested in buying broken gear for my own fun.

I had a small repair-shop run out of The True Vine record store in Hampden / Baltimore / Maryland / USA, it's not there anymore but the True Vine is possibly one of the best record stores / day care center for adults you've ever been to so it's worth coming by anyway!

The address is 3544 Hickory Ave in Baltimore, Maryland.

As for credentials, these are some of the things that i have either partially or fully restored:

Arp Odyssey Arp Axxe Arp Avatar
Casiotone MT-100 Ensoniq ASR-X Ensoniq ESQ-1
Fender Rhodes Stage 73 Hohner Clavinet Korg Micro korg
Korg Polysix Korg MS2000 Moog Multimoog
Moog Moogerfooger Murf Oberheim OB-1 Paia 2720
Paia Vocoder Paia Stringz n Things Rhythm King
Roland Tr-606 Roland SH-101 Roland SH-202
Roland HS-60 Roland MC-505 Roland D-20
Roland V-synth Roland CSQ-600 Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Simmons SDS-8 Sound Master SR-88 Sound Master ST-305
Syndrum Wurlitzer Piano Yamaha AN1X
Yamaha DX-7 Yamaha CS-15

I have also fixed a large number of amps, pedals and consumer audio stuff - but they're not as much fun to brag about. Also i'm currently not very prone to take on those kinds of jobs, but there are many other people around that can deal with those things unlike with analog synths / drummachines which nobody seems to repair around these parts.