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Sales general info

The products of KNAS can either be bought directly from me or can be purchased from one of my retailers. To get a product directly from me, there will most of the time be a wait of 2-8 weeks depending on the current in-house stock and demand. There's a waiting list for each product and to get on this list you will need to pay a deposit that covers initial parts and labor. The deposit is non-refundable even if you happen to change your mind, i do however take the liberty of being nice to people and bending the rules if my situation allows for it. To get on the list and getting information about current delivery times, please contact me at .

All products are shipped from Baltimore, MD, USA and the buyer needs to cover postal fees including insurance. I do not ever under any circumstances ship without insurance nor will i ever ever do a false customs declaration with a lower value. These rules might be seen as kind of anal but i've got my reasons.

Currently products are shipped with american powersupplies only and there's a discount if you do not want one, powersupplies shouldn't be too terribly hard to find in the country where you are located. This is subject to change as i have no interest in being US-centric, i've just not been able to stock up on all kinds of different powersupplies that'll be required to support the entire worlds different power standards.

I normally only deal with paypal but can accept bank wire transfers as well.

Items currently for sale

Product namePrice in $US
The Ekdahl Moisturizer$400
The Ekdahl Quad Massager$450
The Ekdahl Polygamist$1450

Retailers who currently stock KNAS products

Analog Haven (USA)
Big City Music (USA)
Schneiders Buero (Germany)
MESI (France)
Equinoxoz (Australia)
Jam (Sweden)
Perfect Circuit (US)
Juno Records (UK)